Spring Woods Has a Place For YOU

Beginning from the youngest to the oldest - Spring Woods has a place for you to belong. We offer many opportunities for you to get connected - you pick!


Nursery - (birth to walking)

Provides loving care while you are studying God's word. Listening to God's word via music and being loved

Meets in the activities building

Toddler & Preschool - (walking to 4 years)

Learning the books of the Bible. Learning more about the Word of God.
Presenting Christ by our actions and words to each other and to the world.

Meets in the activities building

Children - (Pre-K-5th grade)

We are hoping into God's word every Sunday morning. We are learning to use the Bible.

We are having fun sharing the love God has for us and each other.

Meets in the activities building


(6th grade - 12th grade)

Bible study offers a positive environment for the youth of today to develop an intimate walk with God.  Today's youth are bombarded with negative messages and our goal is to be the bright spot in the confusion.

Meets in the activities building

The R.E.A.L. - (Ready, Excited About the Lord)

"No age limit, no education limit, no economical restrictions, just a willingness to learn of the Savior that has already taught the greatest leadership class known to mankind, pick up your cross and follow Me, talk about anticipation!" Meets in the activities building

(co-ed class - wide age range)

Adult II

Meets in the activities building. - Ages range from 30's-40's

(co-ed class)


We are all actively involved in many different areas of our church. We can be found in the choir or nursery, running the service sound system, volunteering on committees, and performing in our theatrical productions.  Our Sunday school lesson is always started with a thought provoking question that leads us where God intended for us to follow.

We welcome any and all to come and join us. 

Meets in the activities building

(co-ed class)

Living Word

Meets in the Fellowship Hall in the activities building - Ages range from 50's and up

Meets in the activities building

(co-ed class)

J.O.Y. Class

Jesus, Others, Yourself – base on Matthew 22:37-39, Jesus said to him, “You shall love your God with your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Together we teach, study, learn, love, share, and apply the Word of God.

Meets in the Fellowship Hall in the activities building

(All ladies - any age)

                     MEETING EACH SUNDAY AT 9:15 IN CONFRENCE ROOM - IN PERSON &                              VIRTUAL  (just click link below for Zoom Call In)

The Uppermost Class

No matter your age, background, current status in life, we meet to encourage, learn from each other, exhort each other on and to love each other even with all our own idiosyncrasies.

Meets in the conference room of the administration building

(All ladies - any age)


Encourager Class

We are look for opportunities to be an encouragement to individuals who need a lift from the rigors of daily life. Even Christians face daily problems and sometimes need to be reminded that God provides hope for the present as well as hope for the here-after. 

Meets in the administration offices

(All men - any age)