Re-Gathering - June 7th Guidelines

Please see below for the guidelines that are being put into place for everyone's safety as we begin to gather again to worship Him and His goodness to us all!

  • Precautions

    Temperatures will be taken (non-contact) forehead thermometer

    Hand sanitizing stations

    Social Distancing within seating

    Masks are required

    Sanctuary will be fogged between services with an approved COVID-19 Sanitizing Spray

    We will begin seating front to back  (those of you back row seaters may have to move forward) LOL! This allows for less contact trying to find a seat. 


  • Personal safety

    Only one person in restroom at a time

    Adults MUST accompany child to restroom

    Stay 6' away from fellow member (unless you are a family unit)

    Family units to sit together remembering to keep 6' away from fellow members

    Ages 10 yrs and up - wear a mask

    Deacons will be assisting with the services wearing gloves and masks

  • Worship time

    10:45 am - Sunday Mornings (regular SWBC service)

      6:00 pm - Sunday Evening (same service as Sunday morning)

    Two services will allow us to make sure that we are socially distancing and can provide convenience for those that are not able to make Sunday morning